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About Us

I have been an occupational therapist since 1979, and I am still as excited by my practice as I was then. Maybe even more so, because I have seen what real OT does for people in great need.  

My own career path started as a clinician in settings serving children and teens with severe psychiatric, emotional, developmental and social problems. I worked in schools, mental health centers, hospitals, and residential treatment facilities. I loved my work, but when I needed something different I started teaching at the university level. I was a professor for 20 years. I loved my work, but when I needed something new I started Bright Futures, a private practice serving adults who need help with achieving their transition goals. 

Having my own practice has afforded me the freedom to do OT at levels I had only dreamed of before. I provide classical OT to help my clients to achieve the careers, independence, and friends they truly want. I've enjoyed it so much that now I'm adding Authentic Occupational Therapy as a way to invite interested colleagues to the party.

I want to support other practitioners in initiating and developing independent practices that are tailored to their clients' and their own unique needs and interests. My goal is to help as many OT's as possible to love their daily work and express the fullness of their potential as authentic practitioners.                                                                            

Why You Should Join Us

Designing and starting up a private practice can be daunting, yet supremely rewarding. It's a way to express your creativity and to provide needed services to your community. But no successful practice was ever started by one person, working alone. We all need the knowledge, support, inspiration, and guidance of others. Besides, friends are where the fun is!

Authentic OT Entrepreneurs is here to provide you with:            

 *  A community of OT pals who, like you, are working to develop innovative and well-rounded clinical practices, part-time or full-time

*  Ideas and resources to help you develop your vision for the clinical work, and your knowledge and tools for building a business

*  A place to go for companionship and encouragement as you travel new paths that may feel unfamiliar and sometimes a bit daunting... we'll share our stories and cheer one another on as fellow adventurers                                                                              


A Big Thanks

Your participation in Authentic OT Entrepreneurs will add energy and ideas to our community of innovators, movers and shakers.   

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